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Services Offered
                                               Brass Jobs Available

Chemical Wash & Lube

Instrument is disassembled, chemically cleaned inside and out, inspect parts for damage or wear, slides and valves are lubed, valves are adjusted for alignment and the instrument is tested.  Parts are replaced at extra cost if needed.

Economy Brass Overhaul

Same as chemical wash & lube with the addition of removal of all major dents using the MDRS System.  The MDRS system allows us to remove dents without the complete disassembly of the instrument saving time and the finish of your instrument.  Replacement of piston felts, corks spring and water key corks included.

                                         Woodwind Jobs Available

Basic Adjustment

Adjust and straighten bent keys insure all pads seal.  Replacement pads or parts not included.

Playing Condition

Replace as needed pads, springs, corks and adjust to make instrument playable.  Up to 5 pads replaced.


Complete disassembly, remove lost motion in keys, clean and oil keys and replace tenon, key corks and pads.  Springs replacement as needed.  Reassembled and adjusted.


Complete disassembly, remove all lost motion in keys, clean and oil keys, replace all tenon, key corks and pads, polish keys and thoroughly clean inside and out.  Rehydrate and polish wood on clarinets.  Major dents removed on saxophones and spot lacquer repaired areas if needed.
Replacement cases and case repairs also available.
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